By: Axel Ziba

Buying a Condo vs Townhouse | Which Type of Real Estate is Better

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Let’s go over a very common question and old debate in Vancouver real estate and discuss and analyze all the pros and cons of buying a condo unit and apartments for sale in Vancouver vs a Townhouse for sale and the question is which one is a better buy and a better investment?
With price gap between detached and attached properties extending, the need for middle housing is increasing dramatically.
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Condo or Townhouse, which one is a better buy?
Here is Pros and Cons:
-Comfort of access through elevator,
-No yard maintenance
-No snow removal,
-Lower price since they have smaller sq ft than a typical townhouse
-Perfect for couple or a small family
-Perfect for investment and cash flow
-Less susceptible to floor and insects
-Smaller share in the title and specially in high-rises, lesser levies spread through each units and the money gets divided among more units to digest the cost of repairs
-Privacy of access
-Less neighboring above and around
-Less susceptible to damages caused by neighboring units
-Typically have a larger and private (similar to a detached home
-May offer roof top
-Generally offer attached garage
-Larger sq ft than condos offering more living space
-Perfect for larger families
-Perfect for investment and cash flow
-Less strata insurance premium
-Easier to renovate
-Your vote counts as there is less number of units
-Neighbors above and around you
-Noise transparency
-More susceptible to damages caused from other and neighboring units
-Higher strata insurance premium
-More complicated to renovate than a townhouse
-Higher number of votes and hence less voting power 
-Generally less bright than a condo unit similar to a detached home
-Ground level
-More susceptible to flood and insects
-If encountered with a high repair cost, higher levies per unit share as there are less units to divide the cost.

Both still have bylaws and regulation and are restricted
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