5 Things Real Estate Buyers Should Review

By: Axel Ziba

5 Things Real Estate Buyers Should Review

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5 Things Vancouver Real Estate buyers review when searching for a home for sale?

- Pictures
Pictures and Virtual Tour is the first impression a potential real estate buyer is reviewing about a property for sale in Vancouver. Weather it is an attached property or a single family detached house, it is important to have a highest quality photography as well as virtual tour of the home available for them to see. 
Unfortunately, we still see many expose the properties by taking photos from the cell phone without any professional help. First impression is the last impression. 
When a home seller in Vancouver, hires our services, they hire many other professionals in combination. 
Top quality photography, videography, Virtual reality tour, Drone footage (If zoning permits), and promo videos are the must in our list. Specially with Engel & Völkers high quality marketing material and expose’s.

- Details (Story Telling)
Real Estate buyers truly read word by word every detail of the home they are viewing. When the pictures invite their attention, the next they’ll review is the detail of the property. In Real Estate MLS® listing feature sheet where buyers review the property details, there are tremendous information about this particular home for sale. 
Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, legal information, construction material, neighborhood, zoning, permits and the most important one, the story about the home for sale. 
Unfortunately, this section is treated as a data insertion of the information where it can be easily found in other sections without having any attracting information about the property history, neighborhood and its lifestyle. 
When a homeowner planning to sell their property hire Axel Ziba’s services, we implement a story telling facts that places the buyers right in that home to see themselves in it. It is one of the most important factor as in addition to number of digits, buyers must feel it is their own lifestyle there are buying in Vancouver. 

- Square footage and measurement
Buyers are attracted to more space. No one likes to be in a tight space. So good square footage always has more attraction. By “good” the definition is, useful. The property may be small but the space and its layout presented in the information detail must be obvious for the real estate buyer reviewing this information.
Good measurement of the property adds extra value. Sometimes 599 square footage make a big drop in the lowest rank of search in comparison to anything over 600 square footages. Why? Because in many cases, the buyer’s representative, assigned a specific space to be sent to his/her client. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting to round it up or add a wrong number, but in most cases, the unfinished square footage is ignored. 
This square footage is for the part of the property that is not finished as a living space, but yet is part of the lot. By adding the unfinished measurement to its specific place under the details, the grand total of the square footage shows tremendous improvement. Where Finished and unfinished measurement are separated but both represent and produce a grant total square footage of the house, or condo for sale.

- Floor plan
When real estate buyers are reviewing the measurement and are pleased with its space, they want to know if the layout works for them. It is important to have a virtual reality or at least a 2D floor plan of the property available for the buyer to review. In many cases, this information is not available readily and specially in a buyer’s market where there are more competing property on the market available, the buyer quickly moves on to review another and won’t wait until the listing agent email this simple information which could have been provided with easy access.

- Restrictions:
In many cases, especially in strata properties, the buyer would like to review further detail about the overall property restrictions. The restriction is about whether the strata council allows certain subjects such as, pets, rental, smoking, BBQ, and even certain age.

Having a thorough information provided, helps a buyer to determine that this is a property they wish to view or not right away. If a property restricts pets, for instance allowing only one dog or only a certain size dogs, then the buyers whom own a furry friend, want to know the property accommodation. 
In another instance rental permission and restrictions are important for many real estate purchasers in Vancouver.

To summaries, it is important to impress the real estate buyers while reviewing the information. Rest assure, you’d get a full service and impeccable details from Axel Ziba