About Axel Ziba

Personal Real Estate Corporation

After years building his expertise and network providing stellar service in the hospitality and technology industries, Axel Ziba set his sights on repeating his successes in real estate. His ability to leverage technology platforms to strengthen his market expertise and client relations through meaningful and effective communication set him apart from his peers. To enhance his ability to serve his clients, Axel searched for a company with an innovative and refreshing approach to real estate. Today, as an expert Real Estate  and an award winning real estate specialist, Axel delivers a world-class, premium service experience and a true ability to bring an international audience for his clients

My Mission Statement
My motto is simple: “Real Estate From A to Z”

I’ve always set high expectations for myself, striving to grow my reputation through hard work, client advocacy & innovative thinking through current trends and technology. Whether my client is the buyer or the seller, I always protect their interest. It’s through that tenacity that I have clients for life. My perseverance and drive helps me with frequent referrals and business growth, which I am deeply honored by.

Real estate market is changing, and so must Realtors. If you’re looking for a young, well-educated, fun professional with a creative eye and fresh perspective, then look no further. Call me with any questions about the current market or the specifics  about your property.

What makes my day is to know I provided valuable service to my clients.

In this easy to use website, you can navigate to search all listed Vancouver properties on MLS®. You can also easily chose what type of properties you're looking for in your Vancouver MLS® search. In addition if selling your home, I provide an exclusive and detailed home seller evaluation including all the comparable analysis. My goal is for all website visitors to enjoy this free information.

In addition to be a full time REALTOR® and member of REBGV, I studied and further educated myself to benefit my clients in their real estate process as Managing Broker.

What separate Axel from the rest?

Competency, Purpose and accountability

I pride myself in having the core of competency, the “KSA” (Knowledge, Skills and Ability). And for that my purpose is to help and assist my clients in every step of the real estate process. This requires to be relied upon, accountable and resourceful.

This is in addition to my charismatic, friendly and responsiveness character, which has been my secret treasure.

I always go above and beyond, doing more than I promise, thinking outside of the box and make creative marketing strategies like no other. Based on new & upcoming technology and demographical approach to real estate, the industry is changing and requires tremendous ability in navigating through this new demand and competition to standout. My IT and familiarity with technology based on my background benefits my clients in every way possible.

With my hospitality and retail executive management background, I successfully maneuver through the transactions, providing extreme value.

The new real estate is about what’s ahead. Carefully analyzing data will unfold a perfect path to understand and awareness of any upcoming changes. Being educated on these alterations and variables, affect the client’s decision making. Are you looking at your back mirror or your windshield? I’ll make sure to be your perfect GPS guide in this driving route.

Buying a home?
Your satisfaction is my top priority! I will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and help you find your dream home. Start searching for your home HERE

Selling your home?
I will get your home sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. My online and offline marketing programs give me the edge needed to make this possible. Selling your home? Get your home valuation HERE